Mexico Resort Review: Secrets Capri and Azul Sensatori

Day 1 – Secrets Capri

Although it’s a mere 2.5 days since I arrived in Mexico, itfeels like I arrived a week ago. I’m trying to take photos of everything and video as much as I can but I know I’ll get home & realize I’m missing apicture of x, y or z.

Secrets is an adults only resort just south of Playa delCarmen. The resort has an upscale feel to it and it’s in the class of ‘nowristbands required’ and ‘all staff speak English’ [at least a bit] so youdon’t have to struggle to communicate what you want.

The lobby is quiet and romantic, with a saxophone playeradding to the ambiance. There are 5 restaurants and only 1 (Asian) requiresreservations because it’s show cooking (teppanyaki). For all others, you justpitch up and if there are no seats available, you can wander over to the barfor a ‘waiting’ drink and they give you a pager for when your table’s ready.There’s also 24 hour room service available.

The food is good and the drink options include a smallselection of top shelf liquors. Champagne is available at all bars and atbreakfast for those who want to indulge in a Mimosa. The breakfast buffet has alimited but good selection but make sure you get there before 10am or you’llface a bit of a lineup (ok well at least I knowfor next time!).

If your traveling companion cannot live without seeingArsenal (English football), the Canucks (hockey) or the Seattle Seahawks(American football), then they’ll be most impressed by the Sports Bar. Bigscreen tv’s and a good channel selection will make sure you (they) don’t missan event.

The pool area is well laid out, with comfy lounge chairs andan aesthetically pleasing design.  Thechairs by the pool have better cushions than the ones at the beach but thatreally comes down to whether you’re a beach or pool person.

In the main building’s lower level, beside the Sports Bar,you’ll see a rather impressive collection of photos. The onsite photographer(Mauricio) books sessions at no charge – you go back the next day after he’sfinished and pay just $15 per picture.  It’sa bit indulgent, but it’s sure nice to get home and have at least one or tworeally great photos of you on holidays.

Photos of Secrets Capri

Day 2 – Azul Sensatori

Sunday morning I backtracked to Puerto Morelos & checkedin to the Azul Sensatori. As my taxi pulls up, the bell boys (men – I neverunderstood why that job title never changed) rush out to greet me, whisk awaymy bag and welcome me to the hotel. Inside, a refreshing cool towel awaits,along with a welcome glass of champagne.Azul resorts are all about the sensory experience.  Taste – all gourmet food withMichelin-trained chefs who will delight you with their creations. Touch – oktrust me – just try the bed – it’s heavenly!!!Smell – from the lightly scented lobby to the 9 different aromatherapyoptions [in the premium section] to the delicious smells of the variousrestaurants – that’s something you just can’t capture on film. Sight –aesthetically pleasing color combinations, clean lines, and a hard workingstaff who are constantly cleaning, shining and polishing. Sound – unobtrusivebackground music, multi-lingual staff, and an overall design to help youreconnect with loved ones…I could go on about this resort but you get thepicture – this is one of the best resorts you could choose.

My room is a Premium Oceanfront Suite – my WiFi is included(otherwise it’s US $15 per day or $70 per week) and I have a choice ofaromatherapy soaps, aromatherapy scent for the bed linens, aromatherapy scentfor my room and get to advise them what time I’d like my nightly turndownservice.

While I’m at the resort, I enjoy lunch at Zavas (seafood), a 5-course meal of bite-sized portions at Tapas and lunch at Spoon (a la carte or buffet style with made to order cooking stations).  There is a beach bbq, but for safety and cleanliness reasons, they do not allow food by the pool. I think this is brilliant because there’s nothing worse than having birds swooping in because someone’s chucking french fries around. Messy stuff.

The beach isn’t very deep but you can walk for miles in either direction. Be aware that there is a clothing optional resort about 10-minute’s walk north and the folks there really seem to take advantage of that option.  There are lots of loungers on the beach but the beds go early in the regular section (reserve by 7am).  There is also a pier with some chairs and swings – quite a nice place for relaxing with a beverage and a book.

The water at this time of year is more green than it is from January through May. It’s rained mostly in the evenings, and it’s been quite windy every day – so we’ve had no swimming (red flags) and it also means there’s more seaweed churned up. For those of you who are planning to have your destination wedding here (Shelly, Angela, Voya) the important thing for you to know to have wonderful wedding photos is obviously to not get married during the rainy season.

All of the rooms here are nice – very spacious.  All rooms have a balcony or patio and the hotel is split into 4 sections – Family, Luxury, Adults Only, and Premium.  The Family rooms have a divider that pulls across for privacy. If you’re on the ground floor, this means you can put the kids down for a nap and sit overlooking the pool or even go for a swim. All other rooms are basically the same layout, with a rainfall shower, double vanities, plasma tv, dvd player, iPod alarm clock, mini-bar and jacuzzi tub.

If you’re traveling with children, this is absolutely the best resort for you. The hotel supplies everything – crib, stroller, bottle warmer, monitor, step stools, toys and even child-sized bathrobes (these are about the cutest thing you’ll ever see).  If you are on one of the ground-floor suites, you can even have your room service delivered to your patio area so that they don’t wake your child while he/she’s sleeping.

Secrets is great for the adult’s only experience, but I’d still rate Azul at the top.

Photos of Azul Sensatori

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