What Do You Do in Mexico When it Rains?

I’ve been in Mexico several times during hurricane season and while I’ve been lucky enough to avoid any storms, today sure gave new meaning to the words ‘tropical storm’!
After celebrating “Environment Day” by planting some shrubs, we decided it would be good weather in Playa del Carmen and hopped on the free shuttle. The rain got steadily worse to the point that you could barely see 30′ in front of the van. The rain was coming so fast and so hard that it wasn’t clearing the roads at all. Lakes of water were accumulating on the side of the road and it was wild seeing cars trying to get through them.
Driving through Playa del Carmen to Fifth Avenue, the water was more than 10 inches deep so we all made a committee decision to go straight back to the resort (so much for Environment Day and not wasting fossil fuels!).
The resort had a contingency plan in place from the start and had all kinds of activities planned for indoors:
– pool tournament
– movie trivia
– movies
– dance lessons and even bingo
Staff have been constantly clearing water off walkways and although the sun keeps trying to come out, as yet, it’s still raining.
All of the rooms here at El Dorado Maroma have DVD players and it’s clear that most of the guests either took advantage of this (along with a little room service of food or just popcorn snacks) or partook in siesta.
One couple are trying the quality Tequilas at the bar while learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone on their laptop (I’m told it’s the best way).
Others are checking out the Mexican Flavors for lunch at Pepitas (the beachfront restaurant).
Whether you decide to partake in the activities or just use this as an opportunity to relax there’s one thing you have to admit — rain in paradise where you have nothing you need to do is way better than rain at home!





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